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Cardiologist's Kitchen on social media

Mary’s perspective …

Cardiologist’s Kitchen is represented on three main social media platforms;

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Many of us have a love/hate relationship with social media and for that reason we’re going to be honest about them and leave it up to you to choose whether to follow and/or interact.

This is an edited excerpt from ‘The Stress Report: hustle, hustle, meltdown’ by This report is not the result of a long, in-depth study revealing new empirical evidence.  Social media is too fast moving for us to present that research here.  It is the result of a 12-week dive into a subject that affects our lives and our work lives daily and it fairly reflects our perception of them also.


‘I don’t want to know how amazing other people’s holidays are when I’m at home eating beans on toast’

‘It’s like watching the 6 o’clock news’

‘Too many feelings. Overload’

‘It’s a weird mix of home and personal life’

’I’m addicted’


‘So many posts, so little time’

‘One million rude little sentences’

‘How does it work?’

‘So. Much. Stuff.’

‘I feel invisible’


‘It’s where people go to brag about their lives or looks’

‘The pictures are always perfect yet my life isn’t’

‘Where did my day go?’


We at Cardiologist’s Kitchen aim to use social media to convey a positive message and to showcase what we’re doing for patients and for everyone who may benefit from our innovation.  You will not find any negativity published in our feeds.

We try to reply promptly to messages received but please bear in mind that we are not able to engage in discussion about your personal medical wellbeing.  If you highlight specific health concerns which are related to heart health and food choices, then we will do our best to write articles to address those issues more generally and we hope that you may find this useful.

We would love to see you on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you would like to visit us there too. Click the buttons below to go directly to our pages.

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This website is now your main source of CardioKit information and contact.  We hope you feel welcome and enjoy spending time here in the Cardiologist’s Kitchen.


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