CardioKit and CircleBath create new menu options

... heart-healthy meals now on the CircleBath restaurant menu.


CircleBath introduced 3 meal collaborations to their Main Menu: Borscht, Chilli and Salad, Roast Chicken and Lentil Salad. Their Autumn Menu features a new CardioKit recipe option of Beef Bourguignon with a warm quinoa salad. You can visit and try them and/or replicate them yourself at home. Find the recipes in COOK.

The first set of recipes were designed, cooked and taste-tested (absolutely stunning, by the way!) at CircleBath in December 2016 by our ‘Cooking Cardiologist’, Dr Ali Khavandi and CircleBath Executive Chef Andreas Winghert.

We are incredibly excited to share the news that they are also showcasing our food weekly on ‘CardioKit Wednesday’, when their chefs will cook recipes from our website for CircleBath staff.

Andreas says ‘I have always been a fan of promoting good health with nutrition and Circle is an innovative hospital group, more than happy to support important new initiatives which improve the wellbeing of patients and staff. We’re really happy to be involved with Cardiologist’s Kitchen!’

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