Tom is less focused on his improved BP reading but enjoys his food, a good night’s sleep ... and being ‘the rejuvenated and active Tom’.

Mary says, ‘Patients tell us what is meaningful to them, rather than the measurement of health we health professionals are interested in. My impression is that the value they put on this, helps to motivate them.

Tom is less focused on his improved BP reading but enjoys his food, a good night’s sleep, the positive attention he now receives from others and being ‘the rejuvenated and active Tom’. All the information you need to start your own CardioKit story is here on the Cardiologist’s Kitchen website, so do take a look around, but read Tom’s story first’.

Tom has joined the Cardiologist’s Kitchen website. He was given a leaflet by a nurse at a Cardiology Outpatient appointment in his local hospital. Tom has found the website more up-to-date and eye-catching than the healthcare information he has seen before, and far less confusing and contradictory than health claims he sees in the media.

Tom hasn’t received a CardioKit pack himself, but he is already self-motivated and ready to make changes rather than reach for the latest celebrity-endorsed cookery book or join a slimming club. He has taken on board the ‘Cooking Cardiologist’ advice and is buying quinoa which is grown up the road by Emily, (now with new labelling; ‘Quinoa: a heart-healthy ingredient recommended by CardioKit’). He purchases rapeseed oil produced by Andy, (who he met at the last CardioKit workshop) and orders a weekly box of fresh local produce from the CardioKit online shop.

He has been cooking Dr Khavandi’s recipes, has adapted a few in line with the CardioKit ‘rules’, (like incorporating ‘carb-swaps’ and adding ‘hidden-veg’), and is even considering submitting a ‘CardioKit recipe share’ to Mary, the CardioKit Project Manager. Tom feels like he and his wife know Mary quite well by now, as he follows all her CardioKit Facebook posts and his wife sometimes shows him the Cardiologist’s Kitchen photos on Instagram. He enjoys reading the newsletters and particularly enjoyed Mary’s article about the food she found on her summer holiday, (read it here)

Tom has lost a substantial amount of excess weight, despite enjoying good, common-sense food. He no longer enjoys eating processed foodstuffs and feels their tastes are markedly altered now, in a good way.

There is a great recipe for CardioKit’s Chilli con Corazón on the website, (find it here), a firm favourite which Tom likes to make in bulk and freeze in small portions. What he really likes are Dr Khavandi’s articles, which introduce most recipes. This one asks, ‘Is red meat really unhealthy?’ and it turns out that choosing ‘quality over quantity’ is the way to go. Tom feels properly informed about his food choices at last, and has discovered that ‘the ingredients to a healthy life’ do not include denial and guilt about what we eat.

People at work notice the slimmed-down Tom. He sees fellow-passengers on his daily commute giving him a double-take. He can fit back into his wedding suit – handy if they are ever invited to a 70s themed party! Tom feels much fitter and his wife says he has stopped snoring. He certainly feels more refreshed after a night’s sleep these days. Blood pressure? No, Tom can’t remember what it measured but the nurse said it was back to normal at his 3-month follow up appointment.


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