I have lower blood pressure but most significantly my HbA1c has gone from a concerning 88% and moving towards being considered no longer Diabetes Type 2 ... now 46%!

Update 1: In March 2017, I suffered a medical episode that resulted in being referred to Dr Ali Khavandi for a rapid cardiac assessment. This was a positive introduction to the CardioKit innovation and Dr Khavandi’s healthy eating and exercise regime, a route to health improvement, and also a method to diminish dependency on medications for Type 2 Diabetes and hypertension.

I have been engaged in the programme since late April and have seen tangible benefits including a weight reduction of 7 kg and blood pressure tablets under my GP’s review, due to the readings being obtained.

My general fitness levels have improved due to the gym exercise regime and my own efforts external to the gym environment. I enjoy the food programme which my wife and myself are now committed to. We have changed our approach to food based on the CardioKit programme and Dr Ali Khavandi’s advice, leading to quite a few new tweaks to our new lifestyle.

My follow up appointment with the practice nurses at local surgery produced some positive outcomes, as follows;

  • To say they were impressed with my positive improvements in my personal metrics in terms of HbA1c and weight is an understatement;
  • They were very keen to understand how I have achieved ‘a remarkable improvement’ (their words, not mine) in such a short space of time.

I think it is fair to say we have new converts in them and they now have a deep interest in to the philosophy. They have bought into the concept that this healthy eating and exercise drives improvements and therefore they have requested if there could be some engagement with the team at the practice, with information that they can promote to their patients who would also benefit from this lifestyle change.

They are of belief that my dependency on certain medicines will be eradicated – it seems my medical support and inspiration are all on the same page, especially the converts!!! Thanks for the CardioKit workshop invitation and for the motivation and inspiration the whole team is providing to me.

To confirm again, the Cardiologist’s Kitchen experience in terms of changes to lifestyle (eating and exercise) has enabled great improvements in my health and reducing some high-risk factors. At this moment in time I consider myself to be work in progress, but due to the CardioKit support and my own endeavours to date, I have lost 2 st, 6 inches off my waistline and I have lower blood pressure. Most significantly my HbA1c has gone from a concerning 88% to a 58%, moving towards being considered no longer Diabetes Type 2 and with the eradication of certain medications. I would welcome further invites to workshops as part on an ongoing learning programme.

Update 2: It’s AUG 2017 and in terms of progress, the combination of following the eating plan, with useful guidance from the Cardiologist’s Kitchen website, and the gym based fitness regime has resulted in steady progress.

The outcome being:

  • a weight reduction from 126 kg in March to currently 116 kg, losing approximately 1 – 0.5 kg per week;
  • my waist measurement decreases by normally 1 cm per week;
  • my blood pressure continues to improve;
  • my visceral fat has reduced by 4 points;
  • my HbA1c, as previously reported, moved from a high risk 88% to 46%, when last measured.

My wife and I continue to follow the healthy eating influenced by Cardiologist’s Kitchen – now part and parcel of our day to day food culture. We previously followed low-fat options but now are acutely aware of the sugar content, driven by the labelling information.

Update 3: When my 57-year-old frame jumped on the scales today (DEC 2017), weighing in at 113 kg, this is lightest I have been for 36 years at least! Additionally, I have achieved a 6 – 8inch reduction in waist size – good going since April.

Consequently, my old clothes are going to the local charity shop … my new ones are coming from a high street retailer. There is still some way to go, but this is all down to Cardiologist Kitchen and the CardioFITr exercise programme.


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