My waist went from 48″ to 32″ and I am now size ‘small’ in most items. It has cost a fortune in new clothes!

I have thoroughly enjoyed following The Cardiologist’s Kitchen. I have learned a great deal and my wife and I have changed our eating habits over the last 2 years.

In Oct 2011 I started getting ‘indigestion’ in the centre of my chest (I was 58 at the time, reasonably active but ate anything I wanted, and too much) on exertion, quickly easing on stopping. After a week I phoned my GP who said to get to A&E asap, which I did, and I was admitted to the Royal United Hospital for an enforced holiday then and there.

My life changed in an instant and I was terrified! While being pumped full of drugs I decided that my diet would change then and there. I had had the plumbing fixed and with my wife’s help we hoped to make sure the surgeon’s work wasn’t wasted by doing ‘the right thing’.

So, I tried eating what I always knew was healthier stuff, avoiding the sugary puddings for fruit and drinking lots of water. Stomach thought throat had been cut! The medical diagnosis was crescendo angina and 2 coronary stents later I shuffled out of the RUH to go home.

My wife was fantastic support: I don’t mind admitting I had quite a few weepy and ‘dark’ moments in the early days. I had masses of muscle tension which caused chest aches which in turn led to more anxiety. Exercise was hard but I persevered and quickly improved to pushing myself up hills and was soon walking 14 miles with my wife over the Marlborough Downs, sometimes at forced march pace.

My GP also provided great support and I completed Phase 3 Cardio Rehab, going onto Phase 4 (the ‘discharged’ phase which I still attend). I am cycling a great deal too and also doing the CardioFitr 10 week course, which is hard work but excellent (a 60th birthday present from patents!).

My diet, originally Mediterranean in style, has been refined by The Cardiologist’s Kitchen advice and is now very firmly a way of life. If only I’d listened to my mummy many years ago! I am now fitter than I’ve been for many years and lost 5 stones in the first 5 months with a more gradual 5 lb loss since. My waist went from 48″ to 32″ and I am now size ‘small’ in most items. It has cost a fortune in new clothes!

My cholesterol at my last test 6 months ago was 3.0. I can’t praise the NHS highly enough or The Cardiologist’s Kitchen, and especially my family who have helped pull me through all of this. I certainly will not be going back to be the excessive snacking couch potato that I used to be.

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