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Our collaboration with fresh-range provides a specially curated shop packed full of cardiologist-recommended foods at great prices. Residents of the West of England can enjoy up to 3 deliveries per week. We don’t yet deliver further afield but watch this space…

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CardioKit loves simplicity. Our objective is to help you towards better heart health. In our shop you will not be distracted by food or products not recommended by the Cardiologist's Kitchen Team. What you will find are items you need to look after your heart and the ingredients for delicious recipes too.

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Eat well for less

CardioKit is not a business. Our aim is to empower you. Most nutritionists and health gurus agree with doctors and scientists on the fundamentals of a healthy diet – the idea is to eat more protective foods and fewer damaging ones. Anything else is a selling point people use to stand out in the marketplace.

Read 'Health without wealth.'
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