Stir fried beef and butternut squash, salad, green beans, radish and cucumber: a recipe share

A recipe share for CardioKit by Andreas Wingert

stir-fried-beefAfter spending the beginning of his career in some of Europe’s finest Michelin restaurants and hotels, Andreas had the opportunity to join Circle Health as Executive Head Chef at their flagship private hospital in Bath.  Andreas continues to work as Circle’s Executive Head Chef on various projects in the UK and China.

We are really pleased to be sharing Andreas’ recipes on our website.





Butternut squash roasted and diced   100g

Strip loin of beef                                     100g

Cucumber quartered and sliced            70g

Radish sliced                                             80g

Mangetout blanched                               40g

Green beans blanched                            80g

Sesame seeds toasted                              10g

Spring onions sliced                                30g

Coriander chopped                                    5g

Asian style dressing                               40ml

Soy sauce to de-glaze the beef             10ml

Salt and pepper to taste


Dice beef into 1 cm x 1 cm cubes, season, stir-fry and de-glaze with a little soy sauce. The beef should be still pink in the middle so the pan needs to be really hot. Cool down immediately after removing it from the pan onto a tray.

Neatly dice the butternut squash, add a little oil and season. Then pan fry it until nice and coloured on all sides. Finish cooking in the oven until just soft, then cool it down.

Blanch the green beans for 3 minutes and the mangetout for 1 minute in boiling salt water, then transfer to ice water.

Now combine all other ingredients and check the seasoning.

Serve as required.

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