Pistou soup; a recipe share

A recipe share for CardioKit by Andreas Wingert

After spending the beginning of his career in some of Europe’s finest Michelin restaurants and hotels, Andreas had the opportunity to join Circle Health as Executive Head Chef at their flagship private hospital in Bath.  Andreas continues to work as Circle’s Executive Head Chef on various projects in the UK and China.


For the soup

Onions finely chopped          100g
Garlic finely chopped             20g
Carrots small diced               200g
Celery small diced                 200g
Leeks small diced                  200g
A sprig of thyme
Vegetable stock                         2L
Salt and pepper to taste

For the garnish

Broad beans shelled                 100g
Peas                                             100g
Sun dried tomatoes chopped  50g

Pesto                                          100g (see below)

For the pesto

Basil                                        100g
Garlic cloves blanched            2
Pine kernels                            30g
Pecorino cheese                     30g
Parmesan                                20g
Olive oil                                   60g


Making the pesto

Add garlic to pan of cold water and bring to boil.
Add all ingredients into a food processor and blend to the desired consistency.

Making the soup

Sweat down the onions and garlic for 5 minutes.
Now add leeks, carrots, celery and thyme.
Continue cooking for 5 minutes.
Now add the vegetable stock and bring to boil.
Check the seasoning.

To finish the soup add pesto, sundried tomato, peas and shelled broad beans.
Now add a poached egg.

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