Pan Roasted Hake with Black Butter Sauce and Seasonal Veg: a CardioKit recipe share

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Serves 1

This is a deliciously simple way to cook hake – perfect as a light dinner or lunch.

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1 hake fillet (approx. 250g)


1 lemon

small handful fresh parsley, chopped

seasonal vegetables (100g spinach used in this recipe)


rapeseed oil

  1. Preheat oven to its highest heat
  2. Cut the hake fillet in half, brush the hake in oil, sprinkle salt on the skin, and place in a pre-heated frying pan (one you can put in the oven) on the hob, skin side down
  3. Fry for 5 minutes on the highest heat until the skin is crispy but not burnt
  4. Put the spinach on to steam – keep an eye on it; it should be gently wilted
  5. Roughly chop the parsley
  6. Flip the fish skin-side up and place in the oven for a further 4 minutes
  7. Turn off oven. Carefully remove the pan and place back on the hob. Remove the fish and plate it up. Return plated fish to the oven for 1 minute to keep warm
  8. Add a good chunk of butter to the pan and melt it. When it smells nutty, squeeze in the juice of the lemon and stir in the chopped parsley
  9. Remove the fish from the oven, add the spinach to the plate, and spoon the sauce over the fish.
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