Lemon roasted chicken with couscous: a CardioKit recipe

... designed for your heart-health by the 'Cooking Cardiologist'.


There is way more to this recipe than ‘Lemon roasted chicken with couscous’ but we prefer to under-sell and over-deliver. So, what’s interesting about it?

It is a recipe created by our ‘Cooking Cardiologist’, Dr Ali Khavandi. He claims it is delicious and he’s usually right on this front, (always right on this front, to be fair). Ali knows and loves good food.

This meal fulfils all our CardioKit criteria, comprising carefully selected ‘ingredients for a healthy life’, all of which you can read about elsewhere on this website, (just search for ‘nuts’ or ‘olive oil’ and so on).

At CardioKit we recommend fresh, local produce wherever possible and what could be more fresh and local that wild garlic, currently in season (APRIL 2018). Buy the best chicken you can afford, keeping in mind our ‘quality over quantity’ recommendation for meat-eaters.

It’s a CardioKit recipe, which means we’re focused on improving cardiovascular health through diet. We’re hoping by following our advice you won’t need to ever meet a Cardiologist, unless you come along to a Cardiologist’s Kitchen event of course! Here’s a health tip from Ali; dried apricots and parsley have some of the highest levels of potassium of any food. This means they are great for lowering blood pressure and that is interesting, isn’t it?

If you do try our ‘Lemon roasted chicken with couscous’ recipe, please comment below to say what you think of it.



chicken thighs

olive oil

black pepper

sea salt

1 handful garlic bulbs, plus wild garlic if available

1 lemon

wholegrain couscous

1 bunch parsley

1 bunch mint

black olives, pitted

1 handful apricots

1 handful pine nuts



For the chicken;

Preheat the oven to 180 c.

Place the chicken thighs on a baking tray, ensuring they are well-spaced.

Drizzle with olive oil.

Season liberally with loads of fresh-milled black pepper and a pinch of sea salt on each.

Throw in a handful of unpeeled whole garlic cloves and squeeze over half a lemon.

Cook for around 45 minutes until the chicken skin is golden and crispy.


For the couscous;

Cook the wholegrain couscous as per the packet instructions – it takes approximately 6 minutes!

Meanwhile, chop together the freshly washed bunches of parsley and mint with a glove of garlic (we used New Seasons ‘wet garlic’ or you could even use wild garlic if available).

Chop in a handful of pitted black Kalamata olives, (‘the king of black olives’) and a handful of dried apricots.

Throw in some pine nuts and seasoning.

Here’s a top tip – drain some of the cooking juices from the roast chicken and dress the couscous with this fat and a fresh squeeze of lemon.



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