How Does CardioKit Work?

... how easy is it to get involved?


The CardioKit innovation was designed to help those of us diagnosed with high blood pressure to get a handle on our lifestyle so we can control it to positive effect. The process has been created to be as simple as possible and to provide access to advice, discounts on heart healthy produce and recipes designed to lower our blood pressure.

So, how simple is it?

The process is extremely straightforward. Those patients who visit a participating GP surgery and test for high blood pressure may receive a CardioKit pack. The pack includes savings and incentives to help people eat well. There will also be information curated by the CardioKit team.

Individuals will be directed here, to the Cardiologist’s Kitchen website where they can access more savings, trustworthy advice from our ‘Cooking Cardiologist’ and a bank of delicious recipes. There is also an area here to SHOP for heart healthy ingredients and products to save time, money and effort.

After following the advice, using the recipes and taking advantage of the savings, the CardioKit follower will then be encouraged to revisit their surgery, have their blood pressure tested and hopefully report back to the CardioKit team so we can share the news of their healthy, improved, blood pressure!

Have a browse of the website to find out more information.

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