An interview with one of Dr Khavandi’s patients

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Mary asked one of Dr Khavandi’s patients a selection of questions – read on, this isn’t even his patient!

How did you hear about Cardiologist’s Kitchen and what motivated you to pay attention to Dr Ali Khavandi’s advice?

I heard about it through my brother. His blood pressure was slightly high and his doctor wanted to put him on medication. He refused and asked his doctor to give him 3 months – 2 years later he has lost a lot of weight and his BP is fine. My BP was dangerously high and I am on medication for this but decided I had to take responsibility and change my lifestyle.

That doctor was Dr Ali Khavandi. Was his dietary advice difficult to follow and what was the ‘stand out’ change that made the most difference to you?

I love cooking so his dietary advice was easy to follow as were the recipes. The main change is my weight loss (19 1/2 stone to a trim 15 st 10 lb) in a year! From 44″ waist down to 36″ – I wish I had kept my old trousers to do the pose!

What benefits have you felt and what improvements can be evidenced through measurements/results?

See my previous answer. My BP on a good day can be 116/68! I will soon be getting my meds reduced. I feel so much better and fitter (I do walk more since getting a dog) and my skin looks so much better! I was also pre- diabetic a year ago but not anymore!

Would you recommend Ali’s dietary advice to others? Do you think it is most useful for people with cardiovascular disease or for everyone?

Yes, I have enjoyed great food and not felt deprived of any foods, unlike people who go on fad diets. I have invented a few recipes of my own following your principles.
Perhaps also worth mentioning I have diverticulitis and a couple of recipes on your site really help when it plays up – smoked mackerel with fennel and blood orange is one. It just seems to help give my digestive system a rest.

Would you recommend our website?

Yes, I would recommend the site to anyone – healthy or not – it has to be a great resource for prevention as well as aiding people with cardiovascular disease so ‘Thank you’.

Thank you too for sharing.

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