Another successful CardioKit workshop

... held at Neston Farm Shop and Kitchen

On Wednesday 30th August, we held our second CardioKit Workshop. The supporters who attended were treated to heart-healthy scrumptious canapés and a fantastic 2-course meal. Steve Mercer, Head Chef at Neston Farm Shop and Kitchen, prepared all of the food and the guests were thrilled with their culinary experience.

During guests arrival, the Neston Farm Shop and Kitchen staff handed out the canapés: smoked mackerel on toast with celeriac slaw and pea and feta mousse on little gem with salsa’d veg (recipes to follow).

Before the meal, supporters introduced themselves and those who felt comfortable to do so, told their CardioKit experiences. Guests were varied and included a range of people including patients, CardioKit partners, those affected by unhealthy hearts (either personally or through family), the Taste of Timsbury team and even some attracted by our Instagram feed! There were some truly inspirational stories, including supporters who have reduced their cholesterol from 6 to 3.9, patients who have lost over 5 stone, and followers who have been able to come off statins.


During and after the meal, there was a Q&A with Dr Ali Khavandi, the ‘Cooking Cardiologist.’ The guests were treated to duck breast with lentil salad whilst Dr Khavandi answered their healthy-heart related questions.

During the Q&A, Dr Khavandi was asked to give his ‘ Top 5 Heart Healthy Food Groups ’. The foods he listed were:

  1. Legumes
  2. Seasonal vegetables: a variety of them; green leafy vegetables and broccoli in particular
  3. Avoiding low fat versions of foods; so full fat versions e.g. yoghurts
  4. Foods with good fats such as nuts and oily fish
  5. Berries

In fitting with the Cooking Cardiologist’s Top 5, guests were served a yoghurt panna cotta with raspberries and a quinoa crumble for dessert. This was a huge hit with guests and it was particularly delicious. The yoghurt gave a different flavour to the traditional panna cotta and it meant less sugar was needed. Thumbs up all round!

The CardioKit team would like to thank all of the supporters who attended and we hope they had an enjoyable and informative experience. If you would like to attend the next workshop, please keep an eye on our Facebook page and on our website’s EVENTS page.

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  • This was another really interesting and informative evening, with the added bonus of a delicious meal!
    Dr Khavandi’s ‘Top 5 Heart Healthy Food Groups’ were of particular interest, so I’m going to make an expanded list to keep on my fridge, which will make healthy-meal-planning much easier, and hopefully help me to hit my 3 targets of reduced cholesterol, a smaller waist and lower blood pressure.

    Judith, 10th September 2017 at 5:33 pm -

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