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What our supporters say about the CardioKit project

"Cardiologist's Kitchen is absolutely brilliant." A CardioKit supporter
"What a good idea...I am very fortunate that I already follow such a diet for over 30 years now, but I can always look and learn more. Information is key to knowledge. Well done Dr Khavandi for taking the lead." A CardioKit follower
"...I am on [tablets] and they have played their part in reducing my [blood pressure]...I am convinced the diet change has played a huge part. It will also help massively with my future health too. Moderate exercise (walking with my dog which I got 8 months ago) has also helped. I am 56 years old by the way, and feel better than I have for years...my resting pulse rate has gone down from around 78 to between 58-64." A CardioKit supporter

How CardioKit has helped its followers

"Fabulous news...my cholesterol went from 7.8 to 3.8 due to Dr Khavandi’s advice. It is life changing and now my husband is following the advice to reduce his 7.1 cholesterol to below 5" One of Dr Khavandi's patients and CardioKit follower
"...I have followed your principles (and many recipes) for a year now and my weight has gone from 19 stone 7 pounds to 15 stone and 10 pounds and my waist from 44" to 36". My blood pressure, from being 170-180/95 is now 125/75 and on good days can be 116/65. Medication has helped but I am convinced diet has played a massive part. Thank you - keep up the good work!" A CardioKit follower
"Cardiologist's Kitchen is fantastic. A year ago my BP was dangerously high - it is now below 120/80! Also, I have lost 3 stone 7 pounds in 10 months. Keep up the good work!" A CardioKit supporter
"I really hope a course of action comes out of this. It HAS to be the way forward." A CardioKit supporter

Our recipes have been a hit

"I cooked Aromatic Braised Chicken, Veg & Quinoa Hot Pot from your recipe pages last night and it was delicious. Really filling too. Inspired to try more" A CardioKit follower
"I have cooked your CardioKit chilli recipe many times (delicious!) and because it is loaded with veg I don't need any potato, rice etc...I do eat red meat but only a couple of times a month now." A CardioKit supporter
"Loving the new Cardiokit website, and some of those recipes sound perfect. I shall be experimenting!" A CardioKit follower
"...I have cooked a lot of the recipes on the site and invented a few of my own following the same principles – luckily, I love cooking!" A CardioKit supporter

What people say about the workshops

"Thank you for the CardioKit workshop invite. The food was just delicious and the evening was informative and inspirational. Keep doing this amazing work which is empowering people to take control of their health." CardioKit workshop guest
"Great evening at the CardioKit workshop! Fantastic food and such useful and helpful information, with positive case histories. Thank you to all involved!" CardioKit workshop guest
"Thank you all so much for organising the CardioKit workshop. The food was delicious and the information very useful and helpful indeed. A thoroughly enjoyable evening. Thank you so much" CardioKit workshop guest
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